Garage & rummage sale season is back. Yay! I went to lots of both this weekend  – and a few thrift stores too.


Long lines, small crowded basement rooms and throngs of bargain hunters & resellers.


Sometimes you find exactly what you need.


Sometimes you should just walk away.


’nuff said.

Rummage Redux

April 24, 2009

Church rummage sales have returned with the spring(ish) weather.


Friday night. Lining up for the Holy Trinity sale.


Bake sale goodies.


Jay admires the wares. Lots of loaves including banana bread, pumpkin bread and something called “hobo bread.” The lady can’t tell us what’s in it so Jay surmises it’s full of beans, tin cans and rats.


Emolin & Elaun.


Turns out all I took home from this sale was baking.


Mini cupcakes. Crazy cheap!


I longed for this set as a kid. I even asked Santa for it but I didn’t get it – the reason I’m not an artist today, I’m sure. Thanks for nothin’, Santa.


The Week in Thrift

October 25, 2008

Salvation Army:

I think those dingle balls are made from bingo dabber tops.

Value Village:

Seniors’ Association rummage sale. This awesome sale has everything:


magazine, lots of records

a room of Christmas treasures

housewares, jewelry, clothing, furniture, electronics, crafts, baking, snacks

all at crazy cheap prices.

Maybe you remember that last year at this sale I passed up buying a mounted fish for a buck.

This year I succumbed. This is no Bigmouth Billy Bass (though it sure looks like it) – this is the real, non-singing, deal. Just be careful not to cross me or you’re getting it for Christmas.

Thrifty Weekend

June 22, 2008

bad sign?

bad sign?

Soviet kitsch

Garage Sales Suck

May 3, 2008

this one sucks communally

this one sucks Unitarilly

this one sucks 32 ways

Rummage Weekend

April 27, 2008


Elaun & bag

Bake sale ladies

1959 Christmas book with swell graphics


Jay & Emolin


Yummy breakfast


The only tool you’ll ever need

My favourite thing about this annual rummage sale is the smell of onions frying (I wish I could capture that in a picture). I usually have a smokie or european wiener slathered in onions but breakfast was so filling I didn’t even consider it.

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the return of church rummage sale season is so delightful.

I passed on these 3 rattan barstools for $20 which I know I’ll regret on that distant day when I finally have a tiki bar in my house:

I bought this CD for a buck – not the kind of music you expect to find in a church basement:

Weekend Rummage Roundup

April 23, 2007

Last week my friend Elaun invited me to a rummage sale at the seniors association where she works. I was delighted to go because seniors have the best stuff! Just look at this:

big fish

It’s a stuffed fish on a plaque for a buck!!! That’s insane! I didn’t buy it cuz it’s too fug, but if it was something I wanted I would have been over the moon. Instead I bought these Hawaiian swizzle sticks for a quarter:

swizzle sticks

Then we went to one of my favorite annual church basement rummage sales. The food here is one of the big attractions for me. They make smokies and European weiners with optional fried onions, the divine aroma of which assaults you the moment you enter. I always have to have one loaded with condiments including fried AND raw onions (I’m sorry I didn’t think to take a picture). I always like it best when the church ladies make the food themselves and don’t just sell donuts from Tim Horton’s.

rummage sale

I bought a couple of tiki items, 4 records, an Australian party cake book (with cakes shaped like playtipuses and other down-under critters) and a child’s book of magic. In all I spent maybe 6 bucks, not counting the food.

white elephant

Rummage sales are the best! I’ve had much more success finding stuff at rummages sales than at garage sales which just seem to be a waste of time and gas lately. It’s also less intimidating to poke around in the detritus of someone’s life when they’re not right there watching you.

bowling trophies