The Story of Andrew and Matthew

I missed the last two Fridays – sorry, sorry sorry. To make up for my unconscionable neglect, here’s an early Christmas present:

The Gang: Silent Night

This somewhat drunken (?) version of Silent Night was recorded on Christmas day 1955 on a 78 rpm recording blank. The handwriting on the label reads “Party… Dec 25/55… Gang – Silent Night… at piano – Rita”

Two sides of a Soundcraft Audition 78 rpm recording blank. This is how people sent audio letters before cassettes were invented. This would have been recorded using a portable record cutting machine similar to this one (on the Sound Preservation Association of Tasmania website).

Side 1

Labeled simply “Message.” The “Sahara Desert” mentioned by the woman is probably the long-gone Sahara Dining Lounge in Edmonton.

Side 2

Labeled “Eleanor at about 9 years of age & Ivy tap dance.” I’m a big fan of tap dance on record.


Following on the heels of the Studio 86 Sessions, for the next few Fridays I’ll be sharing a few “found sound” curiosities from my audio archives. These are one-off recordings by amateurs¬† on a variety of media such as cassette and 78 rpm recording blanks.

In the 1980s Fisher-Price made a very durable cassette recorder for kids. They came with a cassette with a story recorded on one side (such as the Care Bears or The Cat In The Hat). The other side was blank to “record your world of sounds.”

I used to pick these up all the time when I found them in thrift stores. A lot were duds – songs recorded off the radio, or nothing at all – but others were much more creative.

Here are 3 excerpt from one of my favorites of this type of cassette:

Lorna F.’s Cooking Kitchen

Here’s the recipe:

Lorna and Lisa’s Tomato, Macaroni & Cheese Casserole

2 cups cooked macaroni
1 cup (or 2 cups) grated cheese
12″ can tomatoes
Salt and pepper and whatever you wish

First do the dishes. Pour strained macaroni into 28″ x 30″ casserole dish. Pour on tomatoes. Add grated cheese. Add salt and pepper and whatever you wish.

Go Suck An Egg

Excellent extended vocal technique.

Double Scream Supreme