Philately & bowling

September 11, 2009


Hmmm, my second stamp post in just over a month – I think I may be turning into a stamp geek. I just had to share Canada Post’s beautiful new 5-pin bowling stamp with you. It’s in a set with some other sports Canadians invented (yes, basketball was invented by a Canadian – look it up). Here’s their blurb:

Five-Pin Bowling
When members of the Toronto Bowling Club complained about the weight of the standard ten-pin bowling ball, Thomas F. Ryan, the club’s co-founder, introduced a smaller ball and had his father whittle down five pins to match. He devised a new scoring system and introduced his game in 1909. This year, five-pin bowling, now the number-one participant sport in the country, celebrates its 100th anniversary. Note that on the first day cover, a bowler holds the coveted goose prize.

I’m surprised to learn that five-pin is Canada’s number one participant sport – seems to me that five pin lanes are getting to be almost as scarce as drive-in movie theatres, with only a handful remaining as 10 pin lanes dominate.

Bowling for Perogies

May 4, 2008

If you can’t have your baba’s food, eating at Uncle Ed’s runs a close second.

Gaenor with Combo Plate No. 9: smoked pork chop, perogies, cabbage rolls, perishke (cheese buns) and nalysnyky (cheese crepes).

Tracy and Combo No. 7: meatballs with mushroom sauce and all the rest.

Combo No. 1: Mundare sausage plate.

Tricks with money.

Sir Wilfred Laurier: sad 😦

happy 🙂

K-J Bowl: 12 lanes, 5 pins.

This is one of the rare posts on this blog that’s actually about bowling.

Gaenor operates the futuristic score-keeping electronic brain.


Bowling for Trophies

March 25, 2007

bowling trophies

There were even more trophies than usual at Value Village yesterday. This is the photo that inspired the name of this blog (hey, I had to call it something). I wanted something that was vaguely related to my interests in thrifting, pop culture, retro style, etc. but without too being too literal or obvious. Just so you know – this blog will rarely have anything to do with bowling.