Home Reusables

July 10, 2011

My buddy Marlena took me to Home Re-Use-Ables this week – a very cool store a block off Argyll Road that salvages building materials from demolitions and renovations. It’s been around for a few years but she only discovered it recently – after she finished converting her garage into a studio, unfortunately.

It’s a labyrinthine place with room after room of treasures to be discovered. At the front there are a few rooms of antique fittings

like cast-iron claw-foot bathtubs. This one would be perfect for me – it’s nice and long and I could stretch out in it.

Carmen Electra rented it for her stage show at a casino.

These air register covers are like the ones I had in my first house (built in 1912).

Mystery objects.

Doors galore.

More than 200 movie theatre seats – with handy cup rests.

Pretty pastel porcelain.

I seriously considered buying one of these wooden library carts – only $20!



3 Responses to “Home Reusables”

  1. I remember that day – it was the day that we had summer!

  2. Colleen Says:

    I think the “mystery objects” might be from knob and tube wiring, but I’m not sure.

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