The Studio 86 Sessions, Volume 20

June 8, 2011

Jay & Mike: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

My friend Jay takes the lead on the second song we recorded at B-Scene Studios (the first was Girl From Ipanema). We showed up at the studio with a box of assorted instruments and noise-making toys including a slide whistle, kazoos, bells, cymbals and a barking dog toy. I’m pretty sure we didn’t bother with a rehearsal. The original was a monster hit for Bobby McFerrin  in 1988.


One Response to “The Studio 86 Sessions, Volume 20”

  1. Ronn Roxx Says:

    OK… I hope you are happy with yourself. I have now added this cover version of “Don’t Worry Be Happy” to my iTunes and its now my 6 year old sons favorite song!

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