The Culling XXXI: (A) Mission Accomplished

May 15, 2011

May 2008

May 2011

On May 16, 2008 I wrote:

I’ve decided to cull the herd. I’m going to go through all the records on the shelves and try to “edit” my collection a little – enough to get all those records off the floor, I hope. I’ve also decided to listen to all my records. I figure if I listen to 10 a day it shouldn’t take me more than a year and a half.

Well, mission accomplished. All the records are off the floor and on shelves, though my prediction about how long it would take was a little rosy (life got in the way a bunch).

I even filed all the records that were in my display stand. All that’s left there now is the three records I bought this year (and Stiches the Clown). It’s looking a tad bare. I guess I’ll keep filling it with my latest acquisitions – should take me quite a while as it can hold about 120+ records.

I’ve listened to all the 12″ LPs now. Here’s the final numbers:
Listened: 4008
Retained: 3298
Discarded: 710

I say “A” mission accomplished because I still have some culling to do – a small number of 45s, 78s and 10-inch LPs (some cool cover scans coming soon).

78 rpms without jackets – getting a little dusty.

78s and 10″ LPs



3 Responses to “The Culling XXXI: (A) Mission Accomplished”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Woohoo! Big congrats for a big task!

  2. Ronn Roxx Says:

    Your collection looks very impressive. Where did you get the shelves that the records are on. They look to be just the right size. I also love the wire rack. I’d love to find one of those to add to my collection to create a rotating display of my favorites.

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