Vancouver Getaway: Trains & Tikis part 6

March 19, 2011

This is the last post about my Vancouver vacation – about time too, since I’ve been back for about a month already. There will be Trains and Tikis in this post, also other words starting with T, like Totem and Tomahawk:

Marlena, Bert & Michael at Tomahawk BBQ

The number 2 item on my Vancouver agenda this trip (after the Waldorf), was a visit to the Tomahawk Restaurant in North Vancouver, which has been owned by the same family since 1926.

It’s full of authentic west coast Indian tchotchkes collected by original owner Chick Chamberlain. I was asked not to take photos of the artefacts. At first I was nonplussed by this request, but a waitress explained to me that the place had been robbed recently and they were a little nervous about people taking pictures (apparently some of the stolen items have been recovered). They did let me take pictures of the food, which I appreciate, because otherwise you would have been deprived of this sight:

The food is wonderful – pleasantly surprising for a place that could rest on its laurels as a theme restaurant/tourist destination.

There are lots of organic and locally-sourced items on the menu. I had a Skookum Chief burger (most of their burgers are named for Indian chiefs) which has bacon, a fried egg, aged cheddar cheese, tomato, special sauce and a wiener! Can’t remember which burger Marlena had (above) but it looks very appetizing, especially those yam fries.

On Friday, one of my Tiki pals, Taboo Tiki Dan, invited me out to the ‘burbs to see his recently (almost) finished basement Tiki bar, and for a tour of thrift stores and defunct Tiki establishments in Surrey and Langley.

The Tiki Lounge in what was formerly the Surrey Inn (now the Compass Point Inn) is no longer called that, but the original sign remains

as does some of the tiki decor, such as this wooden Hawaiian-style tiki and some black velvet wahine paintings.

Pepe le Tiki (left) and Taboo Dan, in the Zombie Hideway – Dan’s home bar in his Langley condo.

Stunning, isn’t it?

Tiki mug collection.

The glass case in the centre holds Tiki mugs that arrived in the mail broken.

Salt & pepper collection (um, look down).

So there you have my Vancouver getaway. Only 4 nights/5 days, but enough fun times to hold me for a bit (can’t wait to go back).

Played lots of scrabble on the train on the return trip.

The train station in Jasper has this fun diorama for taking pictures.

and this creepy coureur de bois mannequin that Marlena’s getting friendly with.


2 Responses to “Vancouver Getaway: Trains & Tikis part 6”

  1. cclester Says:

    LOVE the pictures 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed your trip!
    C-C xx

  2. Liz Says:

    TabooDan’s place is awesome! And he totally looks so different then what I thought he looked like 🙂

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