Record Covers of the Week (8-track edition)

November 27, 2010

A very awesome find at Value Village this week – three quadraphonic 8-track tapes (that’s four discreet channels of analog tape hiss) for 99¢ each!

Yes, I have a quad 8-track player with four speakers. It’s a cheap British-made Wynford Hall machine I bought at Goodwill a few years back for 30 bucks. It’s far from audiophile equipment but it does an adequate job.

101 Strings: Million Sellers From The Movies

This is the first tape I put in. It played for about half a song before tape started disgorging into the machine (I very gingerly extracted it from the mechanism). I’m not going to try to fix the tape because I have this album on vinyl (though not in quad).

As you can see, not all the songs that are on the LP made it to the 8-track (and the 8-track has three songs not on the vinyl)

Then I tried this tape:

101 Strings: Country Music Hall of Fame

I heard about three songs before it came to the end of the side. Then the splice that holds the endless loop together snapped (a common problem with 8-track tapes as they age and become brittle) and the tape disappeared into the cassette casing. I’d already heard enough to know that I didn’t need to hear the rest. It did make me fearful for the fate of the third 8-track though – the one I really wanted to hear:

Tony Mottola: Warm, Wild & Wonderful

Awesome cover and awesome “Now Sound” music. Apparently “The Groovies” are really The Free Design. There are two poptastic Free Design songs on the album – “I Found Love” and “Kites Are Fun”. So far nothing bad has happened – I’ve played it several times without disaster.


2 Responses to “Record Covers of the Week (8-track edition)”

  1. Poor unwound 8 Tracks. I may have pointed you in this direction before, but I think you would enjoy the website “8 Track Heaven” The documentary “So Wrong They’re Right” looks like a gooder. Maybe we should buy it and watch it.

  2. stinky Says:

    thanks for the updated blog

    was worried winter ccccooolllddd had gotten you

    must have gotten to your 8T cartridges – ha!

    I find it interesting how many music formats we have played in the last 50 years – albums, 45’s, reel-to-reel tape, 8T, cassette, CD, mini-disc, mp3 (did I miss one?)

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