The Culling XXVIII: Golden Throats

October 20, 2010

A Golden Throat could be defined as a celebrity, not necessarily known for their singing, who nevertheless makes records, often with unintentionally hilarious results.

Why do they do it? Vanity? Delusion? Perhaps. Or it could be they’ve been persuaded to knock out a “cash-in” record while they’re a hot commodity (starring in a hit TV series, for instance), maybe even against their better judgement.

I have plenty of Golden Throats in my record collection and I love them all. Here’s a smattering. See if you can identify the singer (or should that be “singer”?). All the following are Oscar-winning (or nominated) actors and actresses. Leave your guesses in the comments.

This is for fun, not a contest. If you were at my Name-That-Tune party in January these will be familiar, exerpt for numbers 3 and 9 which are new.

Golden throat or red herring?

1. Two time actor nominee.

2. Winner (supporting actress).

3. Multiple nominations, one win (actor).

4. Nominee (supporting actor).

5. Nominee (supporting actress)

6. Many nominations, 4 wins (actress).

7. Winner (supporting actor).

8. Nominee (actor), though certainly not for this movie.

9. Multiple nominee, one win (actress).

10. One nomination plus one win (actor).

11. Many nominations, two wins (actress).

12. Five time nominee (supporting actor, actor).


2 Responses to “The Culling XXVIII: Golden Throats”

  1. Nancy Saha Says:

    From Nancy and Shandip:

    (1) Clint Eastwood
    (2) Tatum O’Neal (Shandip) or Mary Steenburgen (Nancy)

    (3) Jeff Bridges
    (4) Telly Savalas
    (5) Diane Ladd (?)
    (6) Katherine Hepburn
    (7) George Burns
    (8) Sylvester Stallone
    (9) Sissy Spacek
    (10) Rex Harrison
    (11) Bette Davis
    (12) Albert Finney

  2. raymond frogner Says:

    Dear sweet Lord, who’s singing yesterday. It’s killing me it’s so bad.

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