The Culling XXV: Cosmic Sounds

August 30, 2010

The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds

This is by far the best record in my tiny section of astrology records. The music by Mort Garson (electronic instruments played by Paul Beaver) and words by Jacques Wilson (performed by Cyrus Faryar) are mind blowingly awesome.

A note on the back cover says “Must be played in the dark” so turn out the lights to listen to the first cut – Aries:

The team of Garson and Wilson also collaborated on a series of records for A&M for each sign of zodiac. It’s pretty good too (the music is entirely electronic), but not nearly as psychedelic. I have the Sagittarius record – that’s my sign. Apparently I’m candid, impulsive and reckless.

Perused: 3074
Preserved: 2536
Punted: 538


One Response to “The Culling XXV: Cosmic Sounds”

  1. thempm Says:

    Your site is great! I salute your efforts in culling, something I could stand to do as well. Added to my blog roll!

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