The Culling XX: The Culling Continues

July 6, 2010

Yikes! Has it really been nearly 10 months since I last posted a culling update? I guess you could say I’ve been on hiatus. Among all the excuses I could offer, the one with the most traction is that I hit a section that’s a bit of a dog’s breakfast and it made my head swim to think how I was going to organize it in some rational fashion, so my solution was avoid, avoid, avoid.

The section causing me such trouble is one made up of a miscellany of lounge and restaurant performers, family dance orchestras, amateur vanity projects, and stuff (like the pianist who claims to be channeling long dead composers) that’s simply beyond the pale.

I thought of disbanding this section and simply reassigning the albums to other categories where they would plausibly fit – Male or Female Vocalists, Pop Groups, Country & Western, etc. – but in the end I decided that it was more useful to have them remain where they were, arranged alphabetically in one catchall category. Since my main concern is findability (spellchecker doesn’t think that’s a real word), I thought it would be more desirable to have a relatively small section of musical “oddballs” than to have these guys get lost in larger categories; I’m pretty sure I’m going to remember “That woman from Weyburn, Saskatchewan who sings about lady truckers and truck driver’s wives” better than her name (Myrna Eddy).

That hurdle jumped, I’m back on task and committed to finishing this project in a reasonable amount of time – by Christmas, say.

Considered: 2952
Culled: 489
Kept: 2463


One Response to “The Culling XX: The Culling Continues”

  1. Ronn Roxx Says:

    Awesome collection of vinyl. I love that Record display rack you have. I would love one of those in my room for displaying my favorite records of the week!

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