Foodtastic Friday

March 6, 2010

On Friday I had two excellent dining experiences in the same day at restaurants I never heard of before this week.

The first was The 3 Amigos, a Mexican restaurant in a suburban strip mall in south Edmonton.

It was a semi-irregular meeting of “secret lunch club” – a group of  co-workers who will now assassinate me when I least expect it for revealing the existence of our little cabal (I don’t suppose they care that I’ve gone to the trouble of obscuring their identities in these pictures).

Friendly waiter.

Festive décor.

Music videos provide the soundtrack.

Mexican soda pop. Mmmm, Jamaica!

Delicious homemade tortilla chips.

We arrived slightly in advance of the lunch crush – students from the school across the street thronging the takeout counter for “Mariachi Donairs”

which aren’t Mexican at all except for the name.

I had deep fried empanadas stuffed with ground beef, which came with refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, and a green salad in place of the usual rice (which wouldn’t ready for a while).

J- had toastadas

M- had pork tacos

Can’t remember the name of the dish S- had. Looks like Mexican poutine, doesn’t it?

E. – a vegetarian – asked the waiter to surprise her. She was surprised, but not in a good way, by the browness of everything on her plate – beans, tortillas (filled with more beans I think?) topped with molé, tortilla chips. She added a little green to the palette by ordering sides of guacamole and salsa verde.

For dessert we all shared a Monte Crusto – strips of deep fried flour tortillas drizzled with caramel, served with ice cream topped with whipped cream. Heaven.

Best Mexican food I’ve had in yonks. I’ll be back.

The second was this newly opened Japanese restaurant in the recently refurbished Garneau Theatre block (restored to something very near its orginal 1940 look).

Don’t be alarmed by the porta-potty out front – it should be gone soon.

Kabuki has only been opened 2 days and they still have a few kinks to iron out – for instance, they didn’t have any booze yet.

It’s a lovely, intimate space dominated by a (fake) cherry tree growing up through a large table.

Spider roll (softshell crab).

Assorted sashimi.

Coho (?) salmon sashimi.

I see this restaurant becoming very popular once word gets around, which is going to mean lineups (it’s fairly small).

More good news – the space formerly occupied by Pharo’s Pizza (left) is going to be Transcend‘s second location. The original 1940’s tenant was a coffee shop called Joan’s.


back to Bachelor Bastion for Mai Tais. Jessica is just about the only person I know who will cop to liking maraschino cherries.

Did I say “like”? “Greedily wolf down” is more accurate.


2 Responses to “Foodtastic Friday”

  1. Herb Says:

    I hate to say it, but the brown beans up above on the “vegetarian” plate were most likely made with lard. Sorry. 😦

    Love your blog!

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