One Big Week

December 13, 2009

I picked up a pre-enjoyed copy of Michael McGowan’s One Week on DVD a few days ago. It stars Joshua Jackson as a man diagnosed with terminal cancer. He buys a vintage Norton motorbike on a whim and heads west from Toronto, ending up in Tofino (Vancouver Island). I have to say I found the “what would you do if you had one week (one month/one year) to live?” theme less compelling than the “love letter to Canada” aspects of the film. Or maybe I just really liked all the “big” attractions and monuments Jackson’s character visits:

World’s largest Muskoka chair, Gravenhurst, Ontario.

World’s largest fire hydrant, Elm Creek, Manitoba.

World’s largest photo mosaic, Port Carling, Ontario.

Giant nickel, Sudbury, Ontario.

World’s largest Inukshuk, Schomberg, Ontario

Canada Goose, Wawa, Ontario

Terry Fox monument, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Husky the Muskie, Kenora, Ontario

World’s largest smoking pipe, Saint Claude, Manitoba.

Hockey stick and puck, Duncan, B.C.

World’s largest red paper clip, Kipling, Saskatchewan.

Camel, Glenboro, Manitoba.

World’s largest teepee, Medicine Hat, Alberta.

World’s largest Tyrannosaurus Rex, Drumheller, Alberta.

The filmmakers cheated the geography some, shuffling locales around for their own dramtic purposes – for example, the big hockey stick in Duncan, B.C. is presented as being outside a hockey rink in Manitoba (where Jackson’s character has a dalliance with the Stanley Cup). I think it’s great that this film revels in (and romanticizes) its Canadian settings – something I wish more Canuck films would do.


6 Responses to “One Big Week”

  1. gary b Says:

    speaking of Kipling, did you watch the premiere of the movie shot there?

  2. 50s Pam Says:

    I lived in Canada for more than six years. Loved this post and must get the movie. BTW, that’s not a “nickel” – it’s a “loonie” I think. Another wonderful bit of canadiana.

  3. sycomore2013 Says:

    Hello from France,
    I’m looking for the spot that you can see at 1:15:30, when the bike come in a harbour with a wood floor. There is a road sign “mile 0”.
    Thank you in advance & best regards.

    • swankola Says:

      Tofino, British Columbia. Not the actual Mile 0 of the TransCanada Highway (that’s Victoria, B.C.) – the sign was added for the film.

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