Trash, art & thrift with Mike C.

December 1, 2009

My friends Michael & Marlena are retiring to Newfoundland next year (I’m choked about it) and they’re starting to divest themselves of possessions they don’t want to haul across the country – especially Michael who is an unrepentant crap-hound.

Michael C.

This weekend Michael had a sale in his gallery in the Ortona Armoury. Among the priceless treasures on offer were pieces from his Trash Art and paint-by-numbers shows. (The items that radiate sunbeams are the things I bought).


Lenticular 3D Little Red Riding Hood scene.


The needlework Jesus on the right has come full circle – I gave it to Michael some years ago and now I have it back, along with the same scene depicted in paint-by-numbers.

Also had to have this Jesus bust (no, honestly, I don’t have a Jesus fetish).

I snuck next door into Michael’s studio to document the stuff there – which wasn’t on sale (this time – there will be more sales).

Downstairs there was another large room filled with fine objets for sale.

Behind the ghastly glare are two lovely Hawaiian lithos that emulate black velvet paintings, by an artist called Cross (who I have had no success googling).

Blanket coats.

Six plates from the King Eddy Hotel, 1904-1982.

Very swank.


8 Responses to “Trash, art & thrift with Mike C.”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Next time he has a sale, you HAVE to call me. Look at all those beautiful lamp shades!

  2. Liz Says:

    yeah uh can i just send you cash and a list of what you can buy on my behalf?


    i love junk collecting friends!

  3. Slacks Ferret Says:

    I just bought that exact lenticular of LRRH earlier this year at Value Village. I love it.

  4. laurie Says:

    Great stuff. Finally a house with more collections than mine .

  5. marlena Says:

    Re-Sale! Michael has decided to haul yet a few more things out for sale this Saturday Dec 5 from noon to 6PM. Tell yer friends!

  6. Jenny Says:

    LOVE the “swank” dish! Oh, I wish I could go to these sales …

  7. Tikimama Says:

    Wow. Wow. Uh….wow.

    I just found your site through RetroRenovation, and when I saw this post, I just had to comment. Please tell Michael he must put all these lovelies on Etsy so I can have a shot at buying them! I’m in Southern California, so not much chance I’m getting up to wherever you are in Canada 😦

    I’m not knee-deep in snow, though 🙂

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