More scenes from a film festival

October 10, 2009


I’m overdue for another report from the film festival which ended last weekend.


Keriann studies her options

One of my favourite parts of the EIFF is the Sobey’s Lunchbox Shorts, held every lunch hour during week.


MJ rocks the funky specs

For ten bucks you get a 45 minute program of short films from around the world plus lunch provided by the sponsor – perfect for people who work downtown.


The lunches are awesome – a choice of 5 or 6 really substantial sandwiches, a cookie (turtle was the best) and juice or water. It made me wish they gave out sandwiches before the evening movies too. In fact, now I want a sandwich with every movie I see.


The films? They were pretty good too. In fact, I’d say there wasn’t a real stinker in the bunch, which is a rare feat. My favourite was called Chili & Cheese: A Condimental Rift. Despite the unpromisingly clunky title it was a lovely little character piece about a former physician turned convience store owner, his employee and a troublesome customer. Nicely detailed, shrewdly observed, with nuanced performances – well done!


I also enjoyed The Wednesdays, about an elderly couple who take ecstasy to help get them through hump day, Multiple Choice, a comedy with a very effective punchline, and Trolls, which has to do with what 9-year-olds imagine sex is about (something to do with collecting points).

I was less impressed with Gone Fishing, which won the grand jury award for best short film (and awards at other festivals). I though it was overly slick and inauthentically nostalgic, the way tv commercials for anything “old fashioned” are.


Keriann suffering the zombie-like effects of film festival overload

There, now I’ve reviewed the washrooms and sandwiches at the EIFF. My work as a critic is done.


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