Philately & bowling

September 11, 2009


Hmmm, my second stamp post in just over a month – I think I may be turning into a stamp geek. I just had to share Canada Post’s beautiful new 5-pin bowling stamp with you. It’s in a set with some other sports Canadians invented (yes, basketball was invented by a Canadian – look it up). Here’s their blurb:

Five-Pin Bowling
When members of the Toronto Bowling Club complained about the weight of the standard ten-pin bowling ball, Thomas F. Ryan, the club’s co-founder, introduced a smaller ball and had his father whittle down five pins to match. He devised a new scoring system and introduced his game in 1909. This year, five-pin bowling, now the number-one participant sport in the country, celebrates its 100th anniversary. Note that on the first day cover, a bowler holds the coveted goose prize.

I’m surprised to learn that five-pin is Canada’s number one participant sport – seems to me that five pin lanes are getting to be almost as scarce as drive-in movie theatres, with only a handful remaining as 10 pin lanes dominate.


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