May 31, 2009


I drive by the Red Goose Restaurant every weekday on my way to work. It’s in a small strip mall in the the Hazeldean neighbourhood.


I’ve had breakfast there a few times in the past. This week I went for lunch.


It’s old school in a cracked red vinyl booth and basement wood paneling greasy spoon way. There’s hardly any of those left in this burg.


The food is old school greasy spoon too. I had a (processed)cheese(frozen)burger


and a piece of (nothomemade)apple pie with ice cream while I read The Sun that the friendly waitperson (an owner, I think) brought with my food. The menu also has some Korean items which I’ll have to try another time.


Curiously, each booth has sheets of scrap paper hanging from hooks. It’s not to write down your order so I have no idea what they’re for (to send love notes to other patrons?)

I’m glad the Red Goose exists, and I’ll be back (but not necessarily because of the food).


One Response to “Goosed”

  1. mark peeters Says:

    I like your style of collecting. please have a look to my collection of olmost 1000 paintings I collected at thrift stores etc etc in the Netherlands… I invited you as a curator. choose 9 paintings and sent me your choise. (please sent me the numbers you’ll find under ‘infornation’ when you select a painting. THANKS! mak

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