Rummage Redux

April 24, 2009

Church rummage sales have returned with the spring(ish) weather.


Friday night. Lining up for the Holy Trinity sale.


Bake sale goodies.


Jay admires the wares. Lots of loaves including banana bread, pumpkin bread and something called “hobo bread.” The lady can’t tell us what’s in it so Jay surmises it’s full of beans, tin cans and rats.


Emolin & Elaun.


Turns out all I took home from this sale was baking.


Mini cupcakes. Crazy cheap!


I longed for this set as a kid. I even asked Santa for it but I didn’t get it – the reason I’m not an artist today, I’m sure. Thanks for nothin’, Santa.



2 Responses to “Rummage Redux”

  1. Angelica Says:

    That was my first drawing kit. I absolutely loved it. I spent many a day on my front porch steps drawing, following the book step-by-step.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Oh, I love me some church lady rummage sale baked goods.

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