Corner Gastronomy

April 13, 2009

In honour of the series finale of Corner Gas tonight, I made chili cheese dogs for the first time ever (they figure in every one of the show’s 107 episodes). They’re probably a little fancier than the ones served at the Ruby – instead of hotdogs I used these:



The same company also makes lamb curry sausage, leek cabbage sausage, venison smokies and buffalo whiskey sausage but it just seems wrong to smother any of those in chili and grated cheese.


Corner Gas has had a remarkable 6-season run and leaves the air at the top of its game, without having succumbed to any of the pitfalls or desperate moves typical of long running sitcoms: no major characters left the show, no new characters were introduced, no one got married (or even had much of a love life*), no babies were born, no one died – just consistently funny scripts, a talented ensemble cast, and belly laughs every episode.


*I think Brent and Lacey had a kiss at the end of season one (or maybe they just had a “moment”) and Hank and Karen may or may not have “done it”.


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