Just payin’ his rent…

February 27, 2009


Leonard Cohen is playing Rexall Place on April 25th on his North American tour. Can you believe that Cohen – age 74 – is doing an arena tour? Tickets start at $59.24 and go up to $549.00. I know he was swindled out of $5 million from his retirement fund, but does he have to make it all back in one night?


3 Responses to “Just payin’ his rent…”

  1. anna tarakan Says:

    everything is for money nowdays. shame, though.

    great talent.

  2. Music Lover Says:

    what an absurd and snarky comment! FYI, Cohen is the first artist I have seen in over 35 years attending hundreds of concerts, festivals, of all sizes, who brings such command to the stage that the audience, hushed, can enjoy full and lush music without being slaughtered by massive production and loud PA systems. I, too, thought the ticket price high somewhat. But after hearing him transform a hockey rink into something as intimate as a medium soft seater, I can only be amazed. BTW, I’m sure that $549 top price is some kind of swank “package” and not typical of the hghest level of ticket. So, did the (p)reviewer bother to attend? Or just make snide comments in advance. Bravo, Mr. Cohen, for skipping onstage for the sixth encore, after nearly three hours of intense and lush ART.

    • I was joking. The bulk of the tickets were in the $100 range. I didn’t go this time because I don’t like arenas but I’m glad to hear it was an excellent concert. I saw Cohen on tour in 1988 and 1991 in a more intimate venue.

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