The Culling XV

February 23, 2009

I’m well overdue for an update on my progress culling my record collection. I’m approaching the end of the male vocalists section where René Simard and Frank Sinatra live next to one another.


I have a surprisingly large number of Rene Simard records – 8*. Simard was a child singing sensation in Quebec, sort of a Francophone Donny Osmond, making records from the age of 10. He was also very popular in Japan, recording many sides in Japanese. In English Canada he’s mostly known for his CBC TV musical variety show that ran from 1977 to ’79. In the US he’s known… hardly at all. Simard’s early records were produced by René Angelil who had even greater success later with another precocious pre-teen singer. Simard remains in the entertainment industry – on stage (he was The Phantom of the Opera in a Toronto production in 1999) and tv (apparently he’s the host of a reality tv show).


Frank Sinatra was a singer who also made movies. My Sinatra section consists of 25* albums.

If we’re playing Six Degrees of Separation, the link between the two singers is direct: In 1974 Simard won the Frank Sinatra trophy at the International Festival of Song in Tokyo, which was presented by Sinatra himself.

*not counting Christmas records, which are in another section.


keepers: 1989
kaput: 445
kount: 2434


2 Responses to “The Culling XV”


    I have that Rene Simard record. Did you file them together by artist’s last name, or because they were both arranged by Don Costa?

    Love your blog.


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