Fishy Friday

January 26, 2009

Since basa (Vietnamese catfish) and prawns were on sale this week at the grocery store, I decided to cook up a cauldron of Cioppino.


It’s a hearty fish stew, similar to bouillabaisse, that originated among the Italian (or possibly Portuguese) fishermen of San Francisco in the late 1800s. There are plenty of recipes online – I use this one as a starting point, altering it to suit my taste and whatever ingredients I have or can get. I didn’t use shiitake mushrooms, kale or scallops, but otherwise I followed the recipe faithfully (more-or-less ), except halving it, because I didn’t need 15 servings.


I know some people are squeamish about squid tentacles, but I love ’em.


I also made a batch of ginger syrup, to use in dark ‘n stormys.


This served a dual purpose – after straining out the ginger (which I chopped into small pieces rather than grating), I used it in ginger scones.


2 Responses to “Fishy Friday”

  1. Keriann Says:

    Mmm… Tentaclicious…

  2. elicia Says:

    suckers! tenticlicious.

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