Birthday Week Day 1

November 25, 2008

I was going to start my week of birthday goofing off yesterday but some unexpected work came up so I was forced to delay until today. I don’t work again until Monday, so I can relax and indulge in my favorite pastimes, namely thrifting and eating. I’m celebrating my birthday week by visiting every thrift store in town and having at least one novel eating experience per day.


The only interesting thing at the Goodwill on 51st Avenue today was a purse made from an armadillo –  priced at $59.99 which is far too much for something that’s made from roadkill.


For lunch I headed to the university campus to discover that Roots Organic, a natural food store with a restaurant, has been replaced by a Sobey’s grocery store. An upscale, new generation Sobey’s mind you. This one doesn’t have an oyster bar like their new store downtown, but it has many of the same features including a fantastic deli/bistro. I had a panini with prosciutto and fresh mozzarella and a Dry soda. I’ve never heard of this brand before but I was intrigued by the unique flavors. I tried the lavender and it was perfect – sweet without being cloying, refreshing, subtle, and not at all like drinking handsoap or sachet. I also tried the lemongrass flavor which I though was a little too subtle and I was disappointed it didn’t have any heat. I see on their website they also have juniper flavour which I certainly would have tried if they had it in the store.


For supper, Marlena joined me at Langano Skies, an Ethiopian restaurant that I’ve only been to once, even though it’s only two blocks from my door.


On the last Tuesday of the month they have a vegetarian buffet.


Gomen Wot (spinach), Ater Kik Aletcha Wot (split peas with curry), Atekilt Aletcha Wot (carrots, potatoes and cabbage), Ater Kik Wot (split peas with Berbere), Shiro Wot (ground roasted peas, Yemisir Kik Wot (split red lentils), and an endless supply of Injera, a spongy sourdough crepe to scoop everything up with.


Deeelish! (the plates look they were left by the last tenant – the North China Cafe).


4 Responses to “Birthday Week Day 1”

  1. You say it’s your birthday-week. It’s my birthday-week, too–yeah. November 27th to be exact. Which I share with Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee. Beat that.

  2. swankola Says:

    November 28. I don’t know if Jon Stewart trumps Jimi & Bruce, but he’s a lot cooler than my other birthday celeb – Paul Schaffer.

  3. Sandra Says:

    Did you know that Roots Organic has opened up a small shop on Whyte near 101 street? It’s been there less than a year, and was selling only dried, canned and frozen goods last time I was there. Oh and coffee and a few baked things. I think they are planning to build a store somewhere in that neighbourhood, or so I was told when I inquired. I have no idea if they’ve made any progress on that.

    Happy Birthday Mike. I think I share my b’day with Harry Belafonte, among others.

  4. Vanessa Says:

    Mmmm Ethiopian food – now I’m hungry! Let’s go there when I come home …

    I’ve never seen Ethiopian buffet – that’s different – it’s usually served on one big plate covered in that crepe and everyone eats with their hands from the same plate.

    Mmmm gomen wot!!!

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