It’s a big world after all

October 7, 2008

I’ve pretty much abandoned my website since starting this blog, but this week I updated It’s A Big World, my “big things” travelogue, by adding a trio of big things in Washington state. Check it out.

big wagon, spokane wa

big commie, seattle wa

Lovers of big roadside stuff might also be interested in One Week, a new Canadian movie I saw last week at the EIFF. Not a great movie, I thought, but it was fun to see Joshua Jackson’s character visit more than a dozen big things on his cross-country motorcycle odyssey, including:

Muskoka chair. Gravenhurst ON (I think – there are several in Ontario)
World’s Largest Photo Mosaic. Port Carling ON
Nickel. Sudbury ON
Canada Goose. Wawa ON
Huskie The Muskie. Kenora ON (there are lots of big fish in Ont, but I’m pretty sure this was the one)
Inukshuk. Schomberg ON? (lots of inukshuks in Ont.)
Fire Hydrant. Elm Creek MB
Sara the Camel. Glenboro MB
Pipe. St. Claude MB
Paper clip. Kipling SK
Teepee. Medicine Hat AB
T-Rex. Drumheller AB


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