The Culling V – The Vinyl Frontier

June 29, 2008

The Culling is proceeding swiftly. Every waking moment I’m home is spent listening to records – the only exception being when I’m watching TV or DVDs. I’m well into the orchestral section of the collection: big string orchestras (101 Strings, The Hollyridge Strings…), everyone & His Orchestra (Xavier Cugat, Ray Conniff, Esquivel, Percy Faith…) and really whacked-out “percussion” records from the early years of stereo recording with instruments bouncing around the stereo spectrum ping-pong style.

Now playing:

Jackie Gleason didn’t write, read or arrange music but he still managed to released more than 20 best selling records of mood music for Capitol Records. The LP covers are fabulous – populated by high octane cocktails, smoldering cigarettes and glam babes – but the music is so sl-o-o-o-o-w. Anything Gleason recorded was bound to be the most languid version of that song ever heard.

Movie Themes and Music to Remember Her – gone. Music For Lovers Only survives by virture of its cover as does Music, Martinis, and Memories (also because it has “martinis” in the title).

“Oooo!” is also glacially slow but features an ethereal choir singing wordless vocals (“ooo”s and “aaah”s) which makes it interesting enough to keep.

Velvet Brass is arranged for brass orchestra (no strings) and is lively enough to listen to as foreground music without falling into a stupor.

The score:
Listened: 629
Loved: 453
Loathed: 176


2 Responses to “The Culling V – The Vinyl Frontier”

  1. I have a few of those Gleason records. I also have one from the 60s that was sitar heavy.

    Are you going to publish a list of the “loved and loathed” LPs? Your LP divestment project is one that I need to embark on as well. I must have 800 in boxes in the garage just gathering black widow webs.

  2. swankola Says:

    I have heard of the Gleason album with sitars. It sounds like something I must have.

    I won’t be publishing any lists – I don’t want to have to justify my choices. I’m not even documenting the stuff I’m tossing.

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