The Culling

May 25, 2008

It sounds like a horror movie – and sometimes it is (listening to four Dino, Desi and Billy records in a row). I’m listening to every LP in my collection and culling the ones that are expendable. I’ve been at it about a week and a half now and I’ve made considerable progress, keeping well ahead of my goal of listening to 10 records a day. The first thing I had to do was replace my turntable. It’s been acting wonky for a while – speeding up and slowing down – but now it only plays at 45 rpm no matter what speed it’s set at. It would speed my task considerably just to leave it but I don’t want everything sounding like The Chipmunks.

This is my discard pile – 38 records so far (that’s Kristy & Jimmy McNichol on top). The British Invasion hasn’t fared well: Herman’s Hermits, Dave Clark 5, Jonathan and David – all gone (though The Beatles remain unscathed). Surprisingly most of ABBA is on its way out too. This may not be a shock to some, but I found their albums mechanical, lifeless things. I kept a couple of greatest hits compilations for sentimental reasons, as well their Spanish album which is the one I enjoyed the most.

Here’s what I’m keeping:

I’ve done the first two “cells.” They used to be full, like the ones below them (each cell holds about 75 records when full). At this rate I shouldn’t have any problem finding space for all the records on the floor. I’m a bit surprised I’ve culled so many records so far. I think maybe the first section (vocal groups) is the most expendable and I won’t be discarding so many when I get to other sections, like male and female vocals or soundtracks. We’ll see.

I’ve also been documenting all my records. At the end of this I’ll have a nice, searchable database of my collection. Yay me!


2 Responses to “The Culling”

  1. Swapatorium Says:

    Nooooo, not Kristy and Jimmy! Is Leif on the chopping block too?

  2. swankola Says:

    I’m not sure I have any Leif – probably not, unless he did a Leonard Cohen cover or something goofy like that. How do you feel about the De Franco Family?

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