Bowling for Perogies

May 4, 2008

If you can’t have your baba’s food, eating at Uncle Ed’s runs a close second.

Gaenor with Combo Plate No. 9: smoked pork chop, perogies, cabbage rolls, perishke (cheese buns) and nalysnyky (cheese crepes).

Tracy and Combo No. 7: meatballs with mushroom sauce and all the rest.

Combo No. 1: Mundare sausage plate.

Tricks with money.

Sir Wilfred Laurier: sad 😦

happy 🙂

K-J Bowl: 12 lanes, 5 pins.

This is one of the rare posts on this blog that’s actually about bowling.

Gaenor operates the futuristic score-keeping electronic brain.



3 Responses to “Bowling for Perogies”

  1. Scope Says:

    The food makes me drool.
    It’s costing around 20USD in Singapore for a plate like that…
    Absurd pricing, isn’t it?


  2. swankola Says:

    Singapore has Ukrainian food?

  3. Scope Says:

    Not sure, Swankola.
    But your food makes me drool.

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