I’ve got a (sock) monkey on my back

April 21, 2008

My friend Elicia posted this picture of herself on her myspace blog recently. She traded a tiki mug for this hand-knit sock monkey tuque (that’s wool hat for you non-Canucks). If you want to knit me one, the pattern is here (I don’t knit or iron, thank you very much).

I love anything to do with sock monkeys. A few years back I bugged my friend Nancy to make me one for my birthday and to my surpise and delight she did. Thanks Nancy. Hug!

She covered up the eyes by mistake with the mouth/nose patch and put the ears on top of its head instead of on the sides, so it looks like the ears are its eyes. In fact, it looks more like a sock frog than a sock monkey. A blind sock frog at that. Matter of fact, Blind Sock Frog is its name.

Link: The Sock Monkey Experience


3 Responses to “I’ve got a (sock) monkey on my back”

  1. elicia Says:

    omg its me on the interwebs! my mom liked the hat so much i think she’s making one for herself. if she gets speedy enough, i will turn her into my very own sweatshop and i’ll get you one.

  2. maggie Says:

    beautiful sock monkey frog. very cute and full of personality!

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