Fear and catering

April 9, 2008

There’s a film shoot going on at the lovely old clinker brick church on the next block. The street is lined with film trucks and equipment. I walked by this evening and saw my friend Rachel in her catering van and we had a little chat (I tried to take her picture but she ran away). I found out they’re shooting a TV series called Fear Itself – a horror anthology that’s going to air on NBC this summer. John Landis (American Werewolf in London) is one of the directors. This article has episode summaries.

This isn’t the first time this church has been a movie location. Michael Ironside used it in his directorial debut, The Arrangement (which he also starred in and wrote). I don’t think it was ever released theatrically (in North America, anyway), but I did catch bits of it on TV once.

In that film, Edmonton locations stood in for Chicago. It’s unlikely Fear Itself is set in Edmonton either – this town never gets to play itself in movies.


2 Responses to “Fear and catering”

  1. your sister Says:

    They’ve also got the movie trailers (not movie trailers, but actual trucks, you know?) over by the bus barns. And I’ve also seen them by Telus Field.
    Someone came into the store today & asked if I knew what they were filming – too bad I hadn’t read your blog first.
    Your sister

  2. marlena Says:

    They were annoying the denizens of the Ortona Armoury too, as well as my brother in St. Albert (he works for the city of St.A.). Michael and I were at the west coast smelling the daffodils when they were at the Ortona so we didn’t get that affected except for the mess they left behind that we are still cleaning up. I’m thinking it’s more like “Vexation Itself”.

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