Thrift Item of the Moment

April 3, 2008

The Art of Eleanor Chambers


I bought the two ladies above and the gentleman below.


They have such a lovely old-fashioned look to them, like old family photos. I have no idea when they were painted but the styles look to be from the 1940s (?). I can tell you nothing about the artist beyond her name.






Some features, such as hair and jewels, were applied very thickly, giving a relief effect.



4 Responses to “Thrift Item of the Moment”

  1. swapatorium Says:

    Great find! They are very well done. I especially like the younger of the two ladies.

  2. paperdollsforboys Says:

    I’m super jealous. I’m always on the lookout for paintings such as these lovelies but no luck yet. The artist really captured the eyes! Great Score! Tracey

  3. Paula (aka Venus) Says:

    I know Eleanor Chambers and she is a remarkable woman – alive and well in her golden years. Although, tragically, she is most likely evacuating (or has already evacuated) her Paradise, CA home, due to the latest fire in Butte County, CA.

    I lost touch with Eleanor after moving from the area, and havent seen her in years. I thought of her just yesterday, – out of the blue – and just this afternoon heard of the fire in Paradise, so I looked her up to attempt to offer help (a gesture she generously extended to me many years ago whew I was in need), and found your post along the way.

    I dont know when she painted those particular works, but it was most likely between the 50s and present.
    As you can see, her work is fabulous. I own one of her pieces, as well. Most of her work as that wonderful vintage look, with a entire series devoted to showgirls backstage, and that whole vaudevillian look.

    To answer your question: What you have acquired is an absolute treasure, and the ood news is there is more where that came from.

    Eleanor Chambers phone number is listed in Paradise, CA, but the phones are currently down, due to the fire.

    For those admiring her work here, I imagine now would be an especially great time to invest in her paintings, while lending the delightful artist some well-needed support. If you contact her before I do, tell her Venus sends her love and best wishes.

  4. Jessica DiVergilio Says:

    I saw some of Eleanor Chambers “showgirls” work years ago at a fair in Marin County, CA, and always regretted not buying it. The memory of her beautiful artwork is with me to this day. If anyone has her address or info, I would love to have it. I greatly admired her work.

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