I baked you a cake

March 24, 2008

…to celebrate Bowling Trophy’s 1st birthday today. I didn’t really bake it, I only scanned it from an Australian birthday cake book. It’s an echidna ice cream cake. When I posted this other spiky echnidna cake it became one of the most frequently googled items on this blog (though not as popular as how to draw horses or the Sylvers). To make it, fill a metal bowl with softened ice cream and freeze. Unmold, add a twinkie for a nose, coat the nose and face with that gross chocolate coating that hardens on contact with ice cream (because it’s full of coconut oil or wax), stick it full of chocolate fingers, sprinkle with grated chocolate and add a couple of smarties for eyes.

If you’re not partial to chocolaty marsupials, maybe you’d rather have a piece of Zappo the Alien:



3 Responses to “I baked you a cake”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Happy blogaversary! I am very disturbed by both of these cakes. In a fun way.

  2. elicia Says:

    mm cake.

  3. The In Crowd Says:

    So – – What do you suppose is the angle of attack when slicing into an echidna ice cream cake? I’m always conerned about the proper ettiquette in those situations.

    Hey – – Big congrats on the one year mark for a fantastic blog!

    – – And thanks for your kind congrats on my milestone as well.

    Happy to have you as a mutual back-slapping partner for this ‘event’.

    Pass the cake!

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