The Dollar Show

March 12, 2008


I went to a movie today with my friend Gaenor – except that she calls it going to “the show.” We went to “the dollar show” which is her name for Movies 12 (it used to cost a dollar at one time – now it’s a whopping $3.50 to see a second run movie).



Gaenor loves the dollar show. It reminds her of ’70s/’80s New Wave style (per Wikipedia: “a desire to embrace contemporary synthetic materials as a protest and celebration of plastic. This involved the use of spandex, bright colors (such as fluorescents), and mass-produced, tawdry jewelry and ornaments, typified by the dayglo aesthetic of the band X-Ray Spex. As a fashion movement, then, New Wave was both a post-modern belief in creative pastiche and a continuation of Pop Art’s satire and fascination with manufacturing.)



It just makes me want to poke my eyes out.


I’m pretty sure Gaenor would be thrilled to have her birthday in the party room at the dollar show.


The movie we saw was Persepolis, which I adored. It was almost worth the irreversible retinal damage.


The only crime here is the decor.


4 Responses to “The Dollar Show”

  1. Gaenor Says:

    I LOVE that your pictures really captured the vividness of the colours. They absolutely do it justice. Too bad you didn’t get any of the bathroom interiors. All your friends from elsewhere will be jealous.

  2. swankola Says:

    I don’t remember what the bathrooms look like. Next time.

  3. Nice lobby, very Tim Burton ala Beetle Juice…

    That anti-piracy poster is… well, it just makes me so ornery. That’s what we need, more prisoners and more prisons. Hey, 19th century penal codes have worked so well for violent crime, theft, rape, fraud, etc. right? Wrong. And can you name another industry (besides the music industry) that automatically assumes their customers are thieves? Time to get a new business model, boys. Arrggh!

  4. marlena Says:

    My favorite anti-piracy irony was an anti-piracy ad played just before Pirates of the Caribbean.

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