Record Cover of the Week

March 9, 2008


Various: Porta

It’s been a few weeks. I’ve been much more selective about the thrift store records I buy. Every disc has to justify the space it takes up on my record shelves (or the floor, now that I’ve run out of shelf space). This week I found an intriguing collection of Czechoslovakian records at the Salvation Army – and I do mean Czechoslovakian (not Czech) as these records predate the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe.


I picked up two records: Porta, a 1980 compilation of country and folk music that attracted me because of the cartoony cover and because it has a version of Gordon Lightfoot’s For Loving Me.


My googling tells me that Porta was a festival of folk, country and “tramp” music (a genre of music peculiar to Czechoslavkia, I take it), which would explain these cartoons.


Also, a rock compilation from 1985 called Rockovy Maratón, heavy on the cheesy synths and reggae beats.



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