Record Collection of the Week

February 19, 2008


Gary alerted me to this auction on ebay. The Record-Rama Sound Archives – 3,000,000 records, 300,000 CDs, and “many eight tracks.” There’s no reserve, but bidding opens at $3,000,000 (so far there are no bids). Hurry, the auction ends Thursday. If it’s just the price that’s stopping you, maybe this will help:




3 Responses to “Record Collection of the Week”

  1. swankola Says:

    It’s not quite in the same league, but I met an old guy thumbing through records at the Salvation Army today who told me he had 11,000 records in storage.

  2. gary b Says:

    you commented on your own blog? yeesh. 😛

    personally, i think you should totally bid on that collection – didn’t you make a fortune trading pork barrels back in the 90s?

  3. gary b Says:


    $3,002,150.00 USD

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