Record Covers of the Week

December 30, 2007

Wankers’ Guide to Canada front
(click to enlarge)

Wankers’ Guide to Canada

A curious 1986 comedy/music concept album featuring the talents of many SCTV alumni (Eugene Levy, Martin Short, Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Catherine O’Hara), The Nylons, Ian Thomas and others. Excellent production values and pretty funny in an anarchic Firesign Theater/Monty Python kind of way.

Wankers’ Guide to Canada back
(click to enlarge)

Hell Up In Harlem front

Edwin Starr: Hell Up In Harlem

Excellent 1974 blaxploitation soundtrack. The movie was a sequel to 1973s Black Caesar which had a soundtrack by James Brown.

Hell Up In Harlem poster


4 Responses to “Record Covers of the Week”

  1. gary b Says:

    now THERE”s a thirft store score.

    love that wankers record… CJSR had a copy, if memory serves. or maybe the liberry?

    and SID DITHERS!

    • giles Says:

      the wanker’s guide to canada BOOK is funnier than the lp. there’s even a video for “wankers away”. (ask much music)

  2. NANCY Says:

    oops, caps lock on …. cool dudes … that is all I have to say.
    love you,

  3. Slacks Ferret Says:

    Looks like Edwin is wearing a “C’hai”

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