Moving Weekend 2

October 13, 2007

Help Me, 3D Jebus

We got in too late Friday night to offload Gary’s stuff at the storage place so we’re doing it this morning with a crew of Gary’s uncle Laurie and friends.


Uncle Laurie




Bundles of records. Gary got rid of about half his record collection this year so this is only half what he usually has to move.


The crew. With so many studly dudes helping out we’re done in no time. Laurie lends Gary ‘n me his truck so we can tootle around town.


We’re in good company with dashboard Jesus and friend. First stop: Chinatown for some snacks.


Then we pay a visit to our Tiki Central pal Slacks Ferret at the community art centre where he works.


His latest painting The Birth of Pele is hanging in an exhibition of staff works.


Time for some thrifting.


The eyes on this plaster dalmation at the WINS store weird us out. It’s not for sale – too bad.


This also weirds me out – inverse plaster Jesus. If you hold it the right way it looks as if the face is jutting out instead of an impression in the plaster. There were a bunch of these at the BFM, including…


this one that was painted gold. Another weird thing is that if you hold it sideways


you get what appears to be a profile.

Good luck on the new job, Gary. I hope there are interesting thrift stores in Cranbrook.


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