Moving Weekend 1

October 12, 2007

Donuts & Giant Pumpkins

Today is moving day for Gary, a few dozen tiki mugs, a whole lot of ace paperbacks, and about 2500 LPs (as well as assorted furniture, clothing and such). He’s moving to BC to start a new job with an ad agency in the mountain village of Cranbrook. I offered to help him move as long as I didn’t have to do heavy lifting, and so I am driving the rental truck. The household effects will only be going as far as Calgary where they’ll be put in storage until Gary’s settled in new digs.

Red Deer


The Donut Mill, an iconic Gasoline Alley landmark.




Venetian Cream


Rainbow Dip






Outside Red Deer, we’re passed on the highway by a pickup truck hauling the biggest pumpkin we’ve ever seen (I had a clearer picture, but I erased it by mistake – d’oh!).


One Response to “Moving Weekend 1”

  1. elicia Says:

    mmmm donuts. sure looks a lot like Dunkin Donuts.. how many did you eat?

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