Highway Scavenger Hunt

August 12, 2007

Here’s how we did on the scavenger hunt Gaenor made for our “Lost in Paradise” vacation. We interpreted the rules a little loosely to include stuff we saw when we weren’t in the car too. The instructions said: “Describe or draw (as necessary) in spaces provided. If you can get photos, so much the better!

An animal with horns:


Value Village, Vancouver.

An animal with fangs:


Take your pick. Bookstore, Seattle.

A recognizable item of clothing lying on the highway (not off to the side) Identify below: Nope.

A modified Jesus fish:


Archie McPhee, Seattle.


(“Truth” is eating “Darwin”)

A personalized license plate


Easy peasy – before we were even out of town.

A bumper sticker that makes you want to meet the person in that vehicle (draw or write contents below and explain why): Nope. The only bumper stickers we saw made us not want to meet the folks.

A chainsaw sculpture (describe or draw):


Dick and Jane’s Spot, Ellensburg WA.

Someone making a face at you as you pass (you are allowed to encourage this): No, you are not allowed to encourage this. Have you never heard of road rage??

A fruit stand selling what is clearly imported fruit or Atlantic seafood: Nope.

Someone with a foot out the window: Nope.

A dog with it’s head out the window (dogs in the back of pick-ups don’t count): Nope.

A license plate from a southern or eastern state: Lots of plates from Florida. Mostly people pulling big trailers.

An advertising sign that has been modified Draw or photo, please: Nope.

A naked person:


Shaboobie Boobarella (do pasties count?)

A crying child: Nope.

A tandem or recumbent bicycle or unicycle: I’m not even sure what a recumbent bicycle is, but G says we saw one in Vancouver.

Something written with rocks or flowers: A few. City names I think. Kamloops maybe?

A motel or restaurant that advertises that they speak another language. Name language: Nope.

A building or sculpture made of a nontraditional material:


Lego bust of William Shatner. Calgary AB.

A business with a “humourous” name:scavenger12.jpg

We thought this sign was pretty hilarious. G kept going on and on about “a bag of Dicks.” Spokane WA.

An advertisement or business offering a “senior” benefit to people who are not yet 65; the younger the better: Nope.

People in a river: Yes, somewhere in Washington, I think.

Someone doing something at least moderately dangerous. Illustrate or describe: I have a pretty low risk tolerance, so I think highway driving is risky.

A camper, trailer or vehicle with old national park stickers on it: Nope.

A hitch-hiker with a cardboard sign telling you where they are going: I think we saw one hitchhiker, total. No sign.

A ‘Baby on Board’ sign: Nope.

A car/truck accessory with that naked lady sillouhette: G says he saw one.

An item beside the road, out back of a business or by the garbage that you would pick up if you weren’t on holidays: Ewww!


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  1. Just letting you know your blog won’t let me comment on any of your past articles

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