Road Trip!

July 17, 2007

My vacation begins today. I’ll post from the road as often as I’m able. For now, here’s a scavenger hunt my friend Gaenor made for the trip:

Highway Scavenger Hunt

Keep your eyes peeled for the following items. This is a team sport, so the driver and passenger work together. The object is to see and check off as many items on the list as possible. Describe or draw (as necessary) in spaces provided. If you can get photos, so much the better!

An animal with horns
An animal with fangs
A recognizable item of clothing lying on the highway (not off to the side) Identify below
A modified Jesus fish
A personalized license plate
A bumper sticker that makes you want to meet the person in that vehicle (draw or write contents below and explain why)
A chainsaw sculpture (describe or draw)
Someone making a face at you as you pass (you are allowed to encourage this)
A fruit stand selling what is clearly imported fruit or Atlantic seafood
Someone with a foot out the window
A dog with it’s head out the window (dogs in the back of pick-ups don’t count)
A license plate from a southern or eastern state
An advertising sign that has been modified Draw or photo, please.
A naked person
A crying child
A tandem or recumbent bicycle or unicycle
Something written with rocks or flowers
A motel or restaurant that advertises that they speak another language. Name language.
A building or sculpture made of a nontraditional material
A business with a “humourous” name
An advertisement or business offering a “senior” benefit to people who are not yet 65; the younger the better.
People in a river
Someone doing something at least moderately dangerous. Illustrate or describe
A camper, trailer or vehicle with old national park stickers on it
A hitch-hiker with a cardboard sign telling you where they are going
A ‘Baby on Board’ sign
A car/truck accessory with that naked lady sillouhette
An item beside the road, out back of a business or by the garbage that you would pick up if you weren’t on holidays.


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  1. […] 12th, 2007 Here’s how we did on the scavenger hunt Gaenor made for our “Lost in Paradise” vacation. We interpreted the rules a little […]

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