Record Cover of the Week

June 16, 2007

Star Trek Stories

Star Trek Stories For Children

This Peter Pan record came out in 1979, no doubt as a tie-in for the first Star Trek movie. It has 6 stories (two of them written by Alan Dean Foster) voiced by “sound-alikes” who don’t sound all that much like the actors they’re portraying. The cover is not that exciting, but I found this cool order form inside for Dinky Toys of the Enterprise and Klingon starships…

Star Trek Dinky Toys offer

At 10 bucks each, they seem pretty expensive in 1979 dollars – I’m pretty sure my folks wouldn’t have popped for them back then (not in small part because I was already out of university by then).


One Response to “Record Cover of the Week”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    I love the chutzpah with which they suggest you should pay $1.00 for the privilege of receiving their advertising material. I also love the fact that apparently no women worked at Dinky. Although, as a woman, or perhaps simply a normal human being, I would feel uncomfortable telling people I worked at a company called Dinky.

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