These Are The Things I Can Do Without

June 13, 2007

They’re in every thrift store and I don’t need them.

Bigmouth Billy Bass

Folks who got these as presents couldn’t wait to unload them.


I don’t know what these are called so let’s just call them personhenges.

microwave cookbooks

These sold in the millions before people figured out microwaves are only good for reheating meals and making the world’s grossest popcorn.

Anne G

’nuff said.

smelly old guy


2 Responses to “These Are The Things I Can Do Without”

  1. […] also love this totally dead-on Official List of Garage Sale Bummers and this related list of Things I Can Do Without (at thrift stores, but I think they apply equally to yard […]

  2. OMG I hate those dumb fish things, too! And Anne Geddes! And if a thrift’s book section has microwave cooking, it usually has 10 kabillion grody romance novels, too – PASS.

    Also on my hate list:

    – the stupid freebie make-up bags from Clinique and Lancome
    – shitloads of BRASS items. eww.
    – Ye Olde religious books like “The Late Great Planet Earth” or anything by Wayne Dyer
    – baskets full of florist foam and cheap florist vases
    – manky old wooden signs that say “A Kitchen Prayer” or “A Mother’s Prayer”

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