Record Cover of the Week

June 3, 2007

Frankie Yankovic - Polka My Way

Frankie Yankovic: Polka My Way

Frankie Yankovic and his Yanks - Dancing Round The World

Frankie Yankovic and his Yanks: Dancing ‘Round The World

Chmielewski Bros.

Chmielewski Bros. Play Dancing Favorites

There were a few dozen polka records at the Bissell thrift store this week – I checked them all for a version of No Beer In Heaven (also known as In Heaven There Is No Beer) that I’ve been trying to find since I heard it in the summer of 2000 on tourist radio in Drumheller, Alberta. It’s an over-the-top rendition with choruses of German ja jas and French oui ouis sung by a rollicking male chorus. I think the version I’m looking for may be by the Polka Kings. Can any of you polka aficionados out there confirm or deny?


One Response to “Record Cover of the Week”

  1. jape Says:


    I am looking for polka records from artists below have you any for sale? When yes is it possible to make a list for me?

    Steve Meisner
    Verne Meisner
    Al Meixner
    Bill Bevec
    Eddie Habat
    Kenny Brandt
    Joe Fedorchack
    Gordon Hartmann
    Frank Novak
    Steve Huber and the happy austrians
    Markic and Zagger
    Johnny Pecon
    the Zolka Brothers
    Eddie Rodick
    Fred Ziwich
    Rodney Yemc
    Don Wojtila
    Mike Wojtila
    Jack Tady
    Dick Tady
    The Tady Brothers
    Joe Prince
    Walter Ostanek
    Joe Tomsick
    The Zupanchick Brothers
    Carl Stocker
    Al Batistelli
    Walter Ostanek/Bennie Rehmann
    John Tasz
    Edgar Heatcoat/ Hank Thunander
    Bob Matasy
    Four Sharps
    Lorain Buttonbox club
    Mapple Heigts Buttonboxclub
    Other Buttonboxclubs
    Bud Huyrzick
    Andy Nester
    Ted Zalac
    Pat Gray / Alan Koss
    Bob Timko
    Tony Klepec
    Marv Herzog ( German-American Album )
    Art Perko
    Frank Hanner

    Best Regards,


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