It’s still vandalism, but props to the graffiti artist(s?) who did this amazingly detailed street corner postbox.

mailbox graffiti

Hawaii Calls

Webley Edwards Presents Hawaii Calls

Some naughty Menehune left this in my mailbox yesterday. I say naughty because the imp did a switcheroo and put a different record inside the sleeve – Aloha Hawaii by The Polynesians.

Hawaii Calls - detail

Maria’s Place 1
Jo with peroghy

The server is Polish and the cooks are Chinese but the food is unpretentious Ukrainian fare like baba used to make: peroghy, holubtsi, nalysnyky, nachynka, borscht. I had the meatloaf special – the veg came from the freezer and the gravy from a packet, but the meal was filling and totally satisfying, especially with homemade soup (cabbage beef) to start and pie (coconut cream) to finish. Maria? Hasn’t been around for several owners.

Maria’s Place 2

No Toilet Paper?

June 18, 2007

Further to last week’s post about Spongebob nectarines, I went back to my grocery store to see what other products had Spongebob branding on them. Here’s what I found:

Spongebob Whorepants

I probably missed stuff. There used to be Spongebob toaster waffles and I’ve bought Spongebob Kraft Dinner. But there’s still lots of opportunity for merchandising – we’ve yet to see Spongebob maxipads (“absorbent and yellow and porous is he!”).

Weekend Thrift Roundup

June 17, 2007

gsale sign 1

audiophile garage sale

gsale sign 2

Michael C. with wiener

Michael C. with wiener at church rummage sale

Star Trek Stories

Star Trek Stories For Children

This Peter Pan record came out in 1979, no doubt as a tie-in for the first Star Trek movie. It has 6 stories (two of them written by Alan Dean Foster) voiced by “sound-alikes” who don’t sound all that much like the actors they’re portraying. The cover is not that exciting, but I found this cool order form inside for Dinky Toys of the Enterprise and Klingon starships…

Star Trek Dinky Toys offer

At 10 bucks each, they seem pretty expensive in 1979 dollars – I’m pretty sure my folks wouldn’t have popped for them back then (not in small part because I was already out of university by then).

They’re in every thrift store and I don’t need them.

Bigmouth Billy Bass

Folks who got these as presents couldn’t wait to unload them.


I don’t know what these are called so let’s just call them personhenges.

microwave cookbooks

These sold in the millions before people figured out microwaves are only good for reheating meals and making the world’s grossest popcorn.

Anne G

’nuff said.

smelly old guy

Spongebob nectarines

Spongebob merchandising is out of control. Found these in the produce department at the grocery store.

I bought two records this week – Dottie West’s Makin’ Memories and Henry Mancini’s Two For The Road soundtrack. I’ve been enjoying both but neither has a very exciting cover, so instead I’d like to share a couple of snazzy record cover sites I haven’t linked to on my own record cover website yet:

asian record cover

60’s and 70’s Asian Pop Record Covers is just what it says.

brazilian record cover is also devoted to the music of the 60s and 70s, this time from Brazil.

Nifty Thrifty

June 8, 2007

velvet paintings

green velvet

literature, art, music

literature, art, music