Book Report

May 21, 2007

Yucatan Adventure

The Brad Forrest Adventure Series No. 6 – Yucatan Adventure

The dog ate my homework.


Okay, I haven’t read the book. I got to chapter 3 then I fell asleep. It’s keen and everything, I was just tired.

So anyway, here’s what happened so far: Brad’s in a frat with this mestizo (which is like half Spanish, half Mayan) named Jose Hernandez. Brad and Jose are also on the university hockey team together (who knew Mexicans played hockey, but whatever). After the big game Jose gets a telephone call saying his father (who is some bigshot plantation owner in the Mexican jungle) has broken his leg and and Jose has to come home right away. So Brad and Jose fly from Toronto to Mexico where they’re met by this plantation foreman or something called Blair Bishop. He tells them that Señor Hernandez fell off his horse and broke his leg because he was shot at by banditos (which is gangsters) and maybe it was the bandito called “El Peso” (isn’t that like a Mexican coin?). Brad meets Señor Hernandez and then they get a message that banditos raided the Hernandez chicle plantation and the workers all ran away. So Señor Hernandez sends Blair Bishop to investigate and Jose and Brad go with him and Brad gets to fly the airplane on the way there (he has a pilot’s license even though he’s like 18 or something). And that’s when I fell asleep.

Brad’s a pretty cool guy. He never swears, the worst he’ll ever say is “golly” (Jose says golly too and “Holy Moses” – you’d think he’d talk in Mexican when he was excited). Brad’s rich because his dad owns newspapers all over the world, but he’s not stuck up, he has to have summer jobs to get money just like a regular guy.

I plan to finish reading this book when I’m not so sleepy.

The Brad Forrest Adventure Series was written by Hugh Maitland – the pseudonym of two staff writers for the Hamilton Spectator newspaper. The first eight titles were published by Longmans Canada in 1964-65. Another eight titles were announced on the back cover of the books (“and eight per year thereafter”) but I’ve never seen any evidence that any beyond the first eight were ever published. I’m still looking for numbers 2 (Los Angeles Adventure), 3 (Madagascar Adventure) and 4 (Calgary Adventure) to round out my collection.

More juvenile book series here.


2 Responses to “Book Report”

  1. IDS Says:

    I’m guessing that by now (February 2009) you have finished reading the Brad Forrest Yucatan Adventure. I thought you might be interested to know that my wife found all 8 books (in perfect condition) at a local Value Village thrift store for $1 each. Amazing deal. We didn’t know anything about the series, but we are fans of junior adventure series like Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. I have finished reading the first seven and am excited to read the eighth.

    Question for you: how did you discover that they are written under a penname of two Hamilton Spectator journalists. I am interested in finding out more information on the series.


  2. V. Gladwish Says:

    I have enjoyed reading your review and the comment posted! I am the daughter of one of the authors in this very old joint venture.

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