(Cook)Book Report

May 3, 2007

My cookbook collecting has taken a very specialized turn lately – I’ve become a bit obsessed with novelty cakes. Recently I bought this Australian cake book at at a rummage sale:

party cakes

If you can get past Creepy the Clown on the cover you’ll be rewarded with many unusual cakes inspired by the unique fauna of the land down under.

Wobbly Wombat

What child wouldn’t want Wobbly Wombat at his or her birthday party?

Cuddly Koala

or Cuddly Koala?

Perry Platypus

Perry Platypus emerges from a pond of blue quondong jelly.

Hoppy Kangaroo

And of course there has to be a ‘roo.

Spiky Echidna

My favorite is the echidna, an animal I’d never heard of before. Apparently it’s an egg-laying mammal (like the platypus) that resembles a hedgehog or spiny anteater. The spikes are made from chocolate mint sticks.

There are many intriguing cakes besides antipodean creatures – a billiard table, a Rubik’s cube, a pocket calculator, a snowman (which is probably as exotic to the Ozzies as an echidna seems to me), and this charming fellow called Joe Bad.

Joe Bad

The recipe instructs “Decorate cake with licorice, studs, earring and pins, if desired.” Because choking hazards and sharp pointy metal things are what you want on a child’s party cake.


9 Responses to “(Cook)Book Report”

  1. gary b Says:

    looks/sounds delicious.

    just be careful you don’t get spiny echidna on your quondong.

  2. elicia Says:

    i am so totally jealous! cakes are great. duckbill platypii even better.

  3. TK Says:

    Any chance you could send me a pdf of how to put together either the koala or roo cakes, i have a friend emigrating to Austrailia and i would like to try to make the cakes?

    yours hopefully


  4. […] an Australian kid’s birthday cake book. It’s an echidna ice cream cake. When I posted this other spiky echnidna cake it became one of the most frequently googled items on this blog (though not as popular as how to […]

  5. Ffion Says:

    Any chance you could send me a pdf of how to put together either the koala, roo or wombat cakes? 😀 x

  6. JPMorrison Says:

    Any chance you could send me a PDF of how to put together the Perry the Platypus cake

  7. Loren Says:

    My son is turning 5 and obsessed with animals. He desperately wants an Australian Animal birthday so I was thinking of baking a few small cakes. Is there anyway I can get scanned copies of these pages? Thank you so much! What a great find you have here.

  8. bowlingtrophy Says:

    For all the people who are asking, sorry I can’t provide scans of these cake recipes – try the cookbook section of your local thrift store.

  9. Loren Says:

    Thanks. Found a copy on Amazon for $0.97!

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