Record Cover of the Week

April 14, 2007

The Friendly Giant

The Friendly Giant

What I loved best about The Friendly Giant were the beautifully detailed miniature landscapes that started the show: gently rolling farmland (“Once upon a time, not long ago and not far away, it was early in the morning on the farm…”), a peaceful village, or, as above, a harbour complete with lighthouse. Sometimes there’d be a little truck or other vehicle moving through the scene, animated, no doubt, by an unseen string or some other low-tech means. It didn’t matter that the budgets were low or the effects not state-of-the-art, I was always completely drawn into Friendly’s world. “Look up, look wa-a-ay up”


3 Responses to “Record Cover of the Week”

  1. Gary B (Ok, its me, Nancy) Says:

    I remember the cats and Jerome and Nancy remembers the chicken … and the chair for TWO OR MORE to curl up in… he was such a kindly man, the Giant. It always made one feel happy to hear that music in the morning … crazy …
    thanks for the blog Mr. Mike.
    (did you know that Gary has a theory of the villagers being afraid of Friendly Giant because he must have eaten them – “what else would he have eaten?” asks Mr. Gary B.
    an excellent question…

    is the whole world watching woo?
    N J

  2. Janie Benson Says:

    I remember the song…early one morning as the sun began to shine i heard a maiden sing in the vale below, soft was her melody, clearly it came to me. …….i was in a teachers meeting out here in california, and the gal ext to me mentioned razzle dazzle, can’t rememebr why, but we broke into song, and it was she who reminded me that he was called the friend;y Giant…we both were put in our place by the teacher, but it goes to show, that out deep memories override even the logic of sitting quietly in a class…
    i loved the chair part too….thanks!

  3. Paul Says:

    Dear Swankola,

    I’ve been searching everywhere for this record and this is the first trace I’ve found of it.

    My brother has autism and Down’s Syndrome, and this was one of his favourite records growing up. He has it completely committed to memory.

    Unfortunately our copy got lost at some point. I think it would be wonderful for him to have the chance to hear it again. Is there any way that you would be able to make mp3’s of the four tracks? I would of course pay you for the effort.

    Thank you so much –

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