Record Cover of the Week

March 31, 2007


John Adomono: A Night at the Beachcomber

John Adomono (“Guitarist Fantastique”) is/was “a self-taught guitarist of quite phenominal virtuosity.” That’s one crazy-ass bull horned guitar he’s playing. The LP was recorded live at Don the Beachcomber’s Polynesian restaurant in the International Market Place in Honolulu.


6 Responses to “Record Cover of the Week”

  1. don lawson Says:

    I remember John very well! When he first started playing at the Dagger Bar, he drew such large crowds that you had to walk in the street to get by the International Market Place. He was incredible. My favorite songs were Delilah and Rhapsody in Blue.

    Don Lawson

  2. gary Says:

    he is my great grand pa the reason he is playing that guitar is because the string’s on his gibson super 500 poped you can see his guitar’s in the back round

  3. Kevin Adams Says:

    Johnny Adomono was my Dad…I’m his first Son!
    He met my Mom in 1959 in Memphis Tn. They lived in Hawaii for 2 years…But Johnny performed here & there from The West coast off & on.
    I still have his Album Colection…Albums from Spain,
    He was always facinated by GREAT MUSIC & Sounds of Europein / Spanish classical styles…
    But his favorite Singer was Johnny Mathis! He collected some of His first albums….
    As for guitars,ect. I own one! & also the pick-up he uesed on my acoustic guitars he used..the one displayed in his promo pictures!
    He always loved GUILD & EPIPHONE Guitars!!!
    I have some rare, never before seen photos of him…also him & my mom in L.A. in 1960-61.
    I’m am very proud of my Dad…but I know he did some things in his life that may have not been so good…
    He dropped babies everywhere…meaning..He’d have a relationship here & there…Women had his baby…& He’s leave…somtimes comeback to want money ..then leave never to return…with some Johnny would comeback years later…but leaving once more. He never returned anything…He once got a guitar from a Music store …told the owner he was playing in a club down the street..Said he’d love to play the guitar & would be back to pay for it the next day…The owner called to varifiy his claim of playing in the club…& yes, he was telling the truth…So, The owner gave him the Guitar to play for that night…But Johnny never came back, taking the guitar never to return.
    There are stories of him having rough dealings with the Mafia in Navada, a run in with Sinatra, plus many more intresting statments from other family members.
    JOHNNY ADOMONO was truely “THE KING of the GYPSIES”
    His story should be told in a movie someday…but whoever takes this task, would have to find every kid’s mom he had relations with,ect. to find out more on this complex man who traveled here & there, but loved his playing…but seemed to be trapped in a certain way to where he didn’t want to be found, but had a talent ,that when he did play, people would gather, putting him in a possition of having to move on, to disapeer to another house hold he would go to ,to make either another Family or if you wish ,another hide out!
    Johnny Adomono was clever,sceaming,& manipulitive…
    but on the other side he was a KIND,LOVING,CHILD LIKE indiviual…who only wanted to make the people around him HAPPY!
    Whatever happened to Johnny Adomono??…
    Well, doing reserch…it reminds me of the movie “Eddie & the Cruisers”…Where Eddie was at the hight of his carrer..then found a car crash in the river, with no body to be found…leaving everone wondering if he was still alive!
    I talked to a half sister , I always heard about growing up, that my Mom said, Fatima…My Dad’s oldest Daughter …guess you could say princess of the Gypsies!
    She said Johnny Adomono (OUR DAD) died in 1990 in a UNMARKED GRAVE in L.A.
    But, I talked to another half sister up north…& she claims that Johnny Adomono came to see her Mom in 1992 wanting to borrow some money to buy a guitar. She remembers this cause she was turning 30 2 days later & there was a big argument…Her Mom gave Johnny $300, then he was on his way! Never to be seen or heard from again!
    Also, got a few emails from a man saying his Mom dated Johnny & swindled her out of $30,000 & asked me if i knew where he was.
    Like I said, Whoever does a movie on this man, it will be painstakingly hard to follow, where this Talented Guitarist…The Father of Gypsy guitar playing, the roads to his life would probally take as many years as he traveled on to research his steps.
    We ,(the kids) sons,daughters, grand kids of this GREAT MAN continue, with our lives, some of us live life pretty normal, some of us, are talented & perform in front of huge audiences such as ROBERT ADAMS (his grand son) also me , SINGER / IMPRESSIONIST KEVIN ADAMS !
    look up
    I sometimes think, maybe just like the very end of Eddie & the Cruisers” movie…Johnny Adomono is still lurking out there ,watching ,& perhaps seeing us kids, that he spread himself…are keeping his LEGEND ALIVE by our shear exsisted…We know where we came from & we are proud…whether we exsept our heritage or not, Being Gypsy…there is no deniging We are all PROUD of being the off spring of JOHNNY ADOMONO ,”KING of the GYPSIES”!
    The first son of JOHNNY ADOMONO,
    Prince of the Gypsies… I guess (hee hee ),

  4. gary Says:

    sory made a typo his guitars in the back round are gibson super 400s

  5. D Brooke Says:

    I went to high school in Las Vegas with one of his daughters. Her name was Cindy,when I knew her, I don’t think she had seen him since she was a very small child. One time her and I went to a Gypsy fortune teller to ask if she knew where Johnny was, we got a very cold reception. I know that Cindy wanted to know her father very much. It is through her that I know of your father.

  6. TinaM Says:

    He was my Grandfather.
    fatima is my mother.
    he is dead now,has been
    for awhile i remeber only
    seeing him one time when i
    was about 3 or 4 i dont
    remeber much about him
    because that was 21 years
    ago but i heard at one
    time he played for JFK.
    pretty cool huh?
    oh well…GB!

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