March 31, 2007

Mr. Ugly Head

According to 5 year old Sammy, this mutant toy is called Mr. Ugly Head and he chokes people. At Happen’s Toy Lab in Cincinatti, Ohio, children create their own toys from recycled toy parts. The non-profit program encourages kids and adults to share in the joys of artistic creation. In one hour workshops “trained toy technicians, skilled in the art of toy assembly” assist participants to realize their creations. Every toy created is photographed and posted in the Toy Zoo on the Toy Lab website along with a description of its function or special attributes. I really love this idea and if I was anywhere near Cincinatti I’d borrow a kid or two so I could take part.


2 Responses to “Frankentoys”

  1. Keriann Says:

    Wow, that’s great! There’s a place near here that does the same sort of thing with bicycles.
    Mr. Ugly Head reminds me a bit of the toddlerpede

  2. swankola Says:

    Those toddlerpedes are wild. Thanks for the link, K.

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