Art For All

March 25, 2007

art for all no. 4

Saturday was the last day the Art Gallery of Alberta was open before it closes for a major overhaul (I’m not sure but I think it’s actually being demolished and a new building erected on the same site and not just a retrofit). The last exhbition in the concrete bunker was called “Free For All.” Anyone who wanted could exhibit up to 3 pieces of their own original art, the only restriction being that you had to be able to carry it through the doors.

Unfortunately (but typically) I waited ’til the last day to go – I would have liked to have come back a few more times to peruse the art at my leisure – but instead I tried to see it all in about an hour, dashing around the galleries giddily snapping photos.

art for all no. 1

It was a bit overwhelming, really. Just about every available inch of wallspace on the main and upper levels were covered from floor to ceiling – “salon style”.


I ran into my good buddy Marlena (whose work graces my house) and she directed me to two of her pieces. Then she asked me choose my favourite work in the place and made me pose for a picture in front of it.

me at art for all

I didn’t really look around much – I just pointed straight away to “Penis Guy” which caught my eye for some reason (I made up the title – the works were only labeled with numbers).

Tim with a K

Then I encountered this dude named Tim Konrad who was lurking around trying to overhear people talking about his two-in-one painting (and failing miserably at being a spy – I was on to his game right away). From one side it’s a California raisin (which I mistakenly called Mr. Potato head – I hope he wasn’t offended), and from the other side it depicts a fire hydrant. Fun.

Tim K art

I was expecting to see a lot of “Sunday painter” stuff – like the banal mountain landscapes I find at thrift stores all the time – but I have to say I was very impressed by the quality and content of the work. And I love seeing entire walls covered in pictures – sometimes more is more.

art for all no. 3

art for all no. 2

art for all no. 5

art for all no. 8

art for all no. 6

art for all no. 7


2 Responses to “Art For All”

  1. marlena Says:

    Hey, the shooting up the nostrils camera angle really shows off my overbite nicely. Michael and I picked up our artwork on Thursday and we were some of the last in there, so our pieces looked pretty great by themselves on the walls. Of course, I didn’t think to bring a camera. The gallery is now looking sad and empty and ready for the bulldozers.

  2. Jo Says:

    I’m really glad you got these shots! I really enjoyed this show tonns.

    I don’t think that could be your fave? What about the statue with the GIANT HEAVY BALLS downstairs? I couldn’t take my mind off the pain indicated by the scale of the piece.

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